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Japanese Midge

This very hard to find version of Midge is just beautiful! Her face mold is so unique. Notice her very small lash ridges (unlike the US Midge who has no protruding lashes), her brown eyes, and her uniquely shaped head.


Japanese Skipper

Barbie and her friends were also well-loved in Japan.  Above is a photo of the Skipper that was exclusively made for the Japanese market!  Notice the big brown eyes (compared to the small blue eyes of the US version Skipper.  This doll came with either brunette (above), titain or blond hair.  They have 'pink skin' and they share the same body as the straight-leg 'pink skin' Ricky.  Their lips tend to pale to a buttery-yellow color.  A rare find!

Here is a very rare find!  Notice that the Japanese Skipper on the right is the beige vinyl of the regular vintage Skipper doll (compared to the pink-skin Japanese Skipper on the left)!  This doll face paint is truly all original (not a re-paint). A good Barbie dealer said about the doll you see on the right: "

"...I seem to remember in a doll competition at one of the National conventions, someone submitted a dressed box Japanese Skipper that is the beige skin tone like the one on the picture."

Japanese Francie

In Japan, Francie was put on sale after Ken, Skipper and New Midge in 1966.
There are four kinds of Japanese Francie. The most popular Francie had brunette hair, blue eyes, pink lips and brown eyebrows. Some of the Francie dolls had blue eyes, red lips and dark brown eyebrows. They are very rare stuff. The blonde Francie was sold in Japan with them also. The most rare Japanese Francie doll had dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, rose pink lips and dark brown eyebrows. She is very hard to find today.


Brownette Bubble Cut Barbie

Here is a beautiful example of a Brownette Bubblecut. These hard-to-find beauties were made in 1961 only.  The hair color is very distinctive and there is no question when you see this hair color that you have something very unusual.

Every brownette has had the 1961 'greasy face' indicating that she was made in early '61 only.  The brownette's body is the Barbie, hollow body.  They have red lips and nail polish.



Ponytail #3 with a Factory Bun


 Ponytail #3 with a Factory Braid


 Ponytail #5 with a Factory Braid


Japanese Side Part Bubble Cut

A titian pink skin (Mod vinyl) bubblecut with a side part in her hair and high color face paint. Side Part Bubble Cut Barbie dolls were made from Twist 'n Turn era pink vinyl and came with red lips and cheek blush.


Japanese Side Part American Girl

The Japanese Side Part American Girls were only sold in Japan.

They have the pink skin (Mod doll) vinyl and the straight legs of the Standard Barbie doll -- Not the bendable legs that other American Girls have.

Their hair is parted on the side and styled with a torquoise ribbon head band.  A piece of string keeps their distinctive hair style in place.  

These high color Japanese American Girls came with either a blonde, silvery ash blonde, and a (hard to find) silvery brunette hair color.  

Their nails were either painted or left un-painted! They were sold with the multi-stripe/torquoise swim suit, matching open toe shoes, wrist tag and wire stand. 

These dolls are highly prized by Barbie collectors everywhere!

"Normal" Side Part Barbie dolls have been found with: midnight jet black hair, strawberry blonde, frosty blonde, ash blonde, pale blonde and ash brown. Many variations occur with these hair colors. To date, Japanese Side Parts have not been found with: white ginger, lemon yellow or scarlet flame ( red ) original hair colors! 

3 Bodies have been found in Japan on the loose Japanese Side Parts:

Japanese Side Part American Girl with Midnight Jet Black hair, with very strong dark brown eyebrows.


Now let's take a look at the NRFB versions of Japanese Side Parts...

If you look in the box of a Japanese Side Part, you will notice the die cut cardboard which hold the doll in place is cut on a daigonal. In the U.S. box, there is a circle cut in the inset layer of cardboard in which the doll's left arm is inserted. There are more differences. The U.S. version came with a gold wire stand, while the Japanese version came with gold engraved Barbie logo. The Japanese dolls sold in these boxes were sold as dressed dolls. Dolls have been found wearing "Modern Art" ( Jap. version ), "Lunch on the Terrace, " Pan-Am," Lunch Date"  ( Jap. version ), "After Five"  ( Jap. version ) and "Gold 'N Glamour" to name a few... On the box there is always a label ( like "KB 1647" - dressed doll in "Gold 'N Glamour" ) which indicated this doll came dressed , not with the swimsuit!

Other NRFB Side Part dolls have been found in outfits like "Sleepytime Gal," a flower print dress, a satin formal dress with beads. These dolls all had the ash blonde, strawberry ash blonde or pale blonde hair color. Every box labeled these hair colors the same - "Pale Blonde."

The original NRFB Japanese Side Part Barbie doll is extremely rare and consequently, commands top dollar. In Japan, there are very limited opportunities to find these dressed box dolls, so the NRFB Japanese Side Part ( dressed ) doll deserves to have a much higher value placed on it than the loose dolls!

MIB Side Part Barbie doll came with this rare green hairband.

She was dressed in "Gold 'N Glamour" #1647 and the box indicated this outfit number.





Red Version of "Midnight Blue"

From The Ietje Raebel and Marina Collection sold at Christie's South Kensington

Barbie in a rare red version of "Midnight Blue"
World record for a Barbie Doll at auction!

  • Date: 1965
  • Pre-auction estimate: £400 - 600 British pounds
  • Price Realized: £9000.* (Approximately $16,996. USD)
  • Sale Date: September 2006

    *Does not include Buyers Premium


    Pink Version of "Midnight Blue"

    From The Ietje Raebel and Marina Collection sold at Christie's South Kensington

    Barbie in a rare pink version of "Midnight Blue"

  • Date: 1965
  • Pre-auction estimate: £300 - 400
  • Price Realized: £5,040.* (Approximately $9,518. USD)
  • Sale Date: September 2006
  • *Does not include Buyers Premium


    Gala-Abend, France

    Brunette American Girl wearing the outfit # 1677 "Bal des petits lits blancs."  This outfit originally sold for 49,50 Fr. This was the most expensive outfit in the French Barbie doll line in 1966-67. For your reference, the second most expensive outfit was # 1676 "Soirée royale" or what is more commonly known as "Fabulous Fashion" and that sold for 39,75 Fr.

    This outfit was also called "Gala Abend" in other parts of Europe. This gown was named after a charity event that raised money to buy hospital beds.

    Barbie American Girl in Sorbonne, #1679 - c. 1967

    This outfit was named # 1679 "Quartier latin" in the French Barbie doll line in 1966-67. This outfit was actually designed to be a golf outfit ( white sports shoes ), but Mattel changed the concept and added closed-toe shoes, books and a pair of glasses to give Barbie doll a student look.


    Brunette Side-part Bubble Cut in Atelierfest

    This outfit was named # 1680 "Roseraie" in the French Barbie doll line in 1966-67. This outfit was originally designed with a floor lenght skirt. When Mattel manufactured this outfit, the skirt was shortened to knee lenght. This outfit has also been called "Atelierfest" in other parts of Europe and Japan.


    This very rare Masquerade outfit was only sold in Germany in the Mod era.


     Pak Sheats

    Pak Sheats were sold in Japan in a variety of shades. Here some Bubblecuts wearing blue, yellow and flower print sheats. Pak fashions in the U.S. and Japan taught us an important fashion lesson- classic styling and simplicity is always best!


    Surburban Shopper

    This outfit was manufactured for the Japanese market in a flower print fabric. The handbag came with a flower applique instead of loads of fruits.

    Solo in the Spotlight

    There are many prototypes of clothing out there, but you have to find them! This beautiful white "Solo in the Spotlight" gown is a very hard to find prototype! The gown was very simular to the black one but was cut lower across the bust and the netting on the bottom was not as fine. The same rose graced this lovely evening gown. The white version has a Mattel Barbie label and  her accessories are the same as the black one.


    Friday Night Date

    Specially made for Japan ( doll on the left )!

    Red Flare

    'Red Flare' was sold in Japan with the same hat and coat. However, a strapless cotton sheath was included with the Japanese version. This sheath was similar to the sheath from 'Orange Blossom', but in a flower dot print pattern. Blue variation sheaths have also been found.

    After Five

    'After Five' was striking in basic black & white. In Japan, it came as a white cotton print dress with large brilliant red, yellow and green polka dots with a matching hat. This outfit has been found on a side part Barbie dressed doll, and was also sold separately.


    Enchanted Evening

    Enchanted Evening has always been a lovely Barbie ballgown in elegant satin. But take another look- here are 2 unusual variations- hot pink and a sligthly darker light pink ( doll in the front and in the back ). Both versions are made with a heavier satin. Made for Japan.


    Drum Majorette

    Two pieces of this ensemble were different from the U.S. issued version and gave the Japanese "Drum Majorette" a new look! The white and gold colors reflected the mood and pride of the Tokyo Olympics. The skirt and boots were the same as the U.S. version.


    Modern Art

    This outfit was made for the Japanese market in the same style as the American version, but the fabric under the green organza was a different print. Unlike the U.S. version, the outfit in Japan came with a sheath with gold buttons made from the "Lunch Date" print fabric, 2 pairs of shoes, a pearl necklace and the Art Gallery program. There was NO painting.


    Theater Date

    The Japanese version of "Theater Date" was made from the reverse side of "Evening Splendour." This fabric was used to create a variety of Japanese brocade outfits incl. Francie's Japanese formal DS2240.

    The ensemble included peplum skirt, short bolero jacket, short white gloves, gold purse and close-toe pumps in white. The American version was made of green satin. The body suite/blouse used in the Japanese version of "Theater Date" was the same one used for the Japanese outfit "Atelierfest" and French outfit #1680 "Roseraie". It was a salmon pink halter top with a tie back and accented on the front with a double tiered collar and single rhinestone.


    Candy Striper Volunteer

    This ensemble was found in Japan NRFB as old store stock. The pinafore was made from a similar pattern but with a floral striped material. In the Japanese version, no accessories were included.



    Cinderella appeared in 2 versions in Japan. One version was the same as the U.S. version while a second version of this divine theatre costume appeared with gold fringe trim on the veil and on the collar of the dress.


    The Pak variation was made for Japan also this wonderfull Francie doll.


    Made for Japan.


    Made for Japan.


    Sleeping Pretty

    Sleeping Pretty was sold in Japan in a beautiful ligth pink version. The same outfit was sold in the U.S. in 1965 in light blue.


    Francie in Hawaii?  This Francie sheath came under her "Polka Dots 'N Raindrops" outfit. It is made from the same material as Ken's sarong from "Ken in Hawaii." Made for Japan.


    Made for Japan.


    This unique breathtaking 3 piece ensemble was made from the same fabric as Japanese "Theatre Date." Made for Japan.


    Kimono fashions exquisitely tailored and designed for late '60s dolls like the Japanese side part Barbie. This furisode comes with pink hued silver purse and rich red obi with "kanoko" ( obi's hand made accessory ). Made for Japan.


    A romantic pink satin gown ( only made for Japan ). Bendable leg Barbie dolls have been found as dressed dolls in this gown. So, this dress belongs to the bend leg era, circa 1966- 1968.


    This gown reminds us of the couture style of Pierre Balman's "soirée." Francie doll just slipped out of Vogue magazine in this luscious Francie pink gown. Made for Japan.

    These 3 early Barbie kimono's were sold only in Japan. The kimono on the far left is a silver / silvery black 2-toned kimono. The kimono in the center came in a cherry blossom print. At far right is the silver kimono. Kimonos were sold separately and on dolls. All of these kimonos are very hard to find today!

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